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Have you ever wondered what the meaning of all the Jewish stuff is?  After all, we are a cool ancient crowd with so many Jewish holidays, Shabbat every week, and far-out Jewish customs... but, what does it all mean? is dedicated to shedding light to the what and why of Jewish rituals and prayers to make living Jewish more meaningful and relevant to each of us...stay tuned!


 What does kavanah mean? 


Kavanah is a Hebrew word meaning intention .   mindfulness . direction of the heart. It is a text message to focus ourselves on what we are doing.  


 Why is kavanah cool to have? 


Kavanah is a gift we give to ourselves and who doesn't like gifts? Kavanah delivers instant meaning to our actions, it gives a reason for doing something, it provides relevance. Said in a different way, why do anything without Kavanah when having it is so much better?  


Rabbi Sam has found a wealth of commentaries filled with contemporary relevance hidden in the treasures of our tradition not available to most Jews today.  Lifestyle Magazine

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