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kavanah :

mindfulness; intention

 who are we and what are we about ? was conceived as a lifestyle enhancement providing inspirational programs as a means of inspiration to achieve more mindful, more kavanah filled, more inspired Jewish lives.  As our name suggests, we name to bring Kavanah consciousness into all aspects of life, and particularly into spiritual life.
We recently launched KavanahLife SINGLES to help Jewish singles develop more mindful & meaningful relationships. 
The beauty & depth of everyday life, Shabbat, the Jewish holidays, & Jewish rituals all contain deeper meanings which at times get lost. Through a variety of live participatory events, aims to unlock the Jewish treasure box of deeper meanings behind Jewish prayer, ritual....and simply being Jewish.  While our live events are mainly based in South Florida, our approach to Jewish Prayer & Ritual have been highlighted at Shabbatons, lectures and musical programs across the United States. 
Our programs include a seasonal synagogue in Miami Beach, numerous events in South Florida including Kabbalistic Tu B'Shvat Seders, Carlebach Pre-Selichot Services & a popular High Holiday Retreat in Miami Beach. is the brainchild of Rabbi Sam Intrator, or Rabbi Sam as he is known among those who come from all over to attend his teachings, Jewish holiday events, weddings and Shabbat programs. The son of Holocaust survivors, and a modern orthodox rabbi, he is a firm believer in Jewish unity : uniting the heart, mind, and soul of Judaism together with Jews from all levels of observance or no observance at all and infusing it with kavanah for it to touch the soul.  While understanding the vast differences found in Judaism today, Rabbi Sam aims to focus on our unifying Jewish roots, the commonality which unites us as a people.  

An animated rabbi...., he tries to get the message out there in a progressive and humanistic way.    
The New York Times

What They Say About Rabbi Sam Intrator ...

Rabbi Samuel Intrator has led hundreds of Shabbatons and lectured throughout the United States Israel and in Europe where he has touched Jews from all backgrounds.  This  dynamic rabbi’s interactive approach to prayer and Jewish learning has inspired thousands to feel connected to their spiritual roots. 

“He clearly feels the strength of his spirituality and has the ability to pass it on to others in his own special way.”  Hamodia Newspaper


“An animated rabbi...., he tries to get the Hasidic message out there in a progressive and humanistic way.”  The New York Times


“Rabbi Intrator reads the white space between the black letters of the Torah, to understand the unspoken, the mystery.”      The Jewish Week


“Rabbi Intrator leads an upbeat service”  The Miami Herald


“vibrant and dynamic spiritual leader.”  The Jewish Press


 “He has found a wealth of commentaries filled with contemporary relevance hidden in the treasures of our tradition not available to most Jews today.”  Lifestyle Magazine


“His style of davening has a lot of appeal to the people.”  Intermountain Jewish News


"His work seeks to spiritually engage a broad range of people – from the Ultra Orthodox to the totally unaffiliated. "  Jewish Journal - Florida


“ Rabbi Intrator is a man of great knowledge, deep faith, warm with a genuine personality, and an exceptional teacher.”

Rabbi Solomon Schiff – Executive VP UJA Federation of Greater Miami


“ I have seen how Jews from all walks of life have been greatly impacted by Rabbi Intrator’s profound teachings and joyous energy.

Rabbi Moshe Schiener-Palm Beach Synagogue


Rabbi Sam inspires people of all ages. I have seen Rabbi Sam lead 80 year olds and 8 year olds in dancing, singing and davening to the spirited music of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. I have listened to and learned from his spiritual sermons.. He is a transforming leader and a real mensch.

Professor Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School



“Rabbi Sam Intrator touches and teaches wherever he goes.  I know of no one better

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Author


Rabbi Intrator has done the Jewish community an invaluable service, as tefillah is an area our community needs to focus on and understand better.

Rabbi Ari Berman, President Yeshiva University (his comments were made when he was Rabbi @ The Jewish Center in Manhattan)

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