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shabbat . feel the joy  

Shabbat is a time of anticipation, discovery and joy.  It is a time where we say TIME OUT.  Time out from our hectic lives, time out from emails and texts, time out from the routines of the 6 day week.  It is a time devoted to inspired living...a time to appreciate the everyday as a blessing, a time to celebrate your life, and make new discoveries about your soul.  
Invite Rabbi Sam Intrator for a Shabbat Celebration in your community for a spiritual and inspiring shabbat you will never forget.
Some Shabbat highlights...

friday night live


shalom . sing . dance . discover . feast


Kabbalat Shabbat is ushered in by Rabbi Samuel Intrator with an upbeat & participatory recitation of the Shabbat Psalms with Carlebach melodies   throughout the service.  At the high point of the service, the Shabbat Queen is welcomed with a spirited singing of Lecha Dodi. The lively service is enhanced with spiritual commentaries and inspiring stories that reveal the modern and deeper meaning of the Shabbat prayers.  The Shabbat service is followed by a festive dinner providing an opportunity to continue the celebration.  From the welcoming of the angels (Shalom Aleichem) to the recitation of the Kiddush, and blessing of the Motzi (Challah), Rabbi Intrator brings meaning and joy to the rituals of the Shabbat meal.  Using stories, songs and spiritual teachings, he feeds the soul in a way that bridges the mystical with modern practicality.

shabbat morning


reflect . learn . dance . breath . sing . thank


The musaf service begins as Rabbi Intrator dances with the Torah through the crowd to the Ark.  The service combines a range of cantorial-like liturgy with participatory Carlebach singing.  After the service, Rabbi Intrator switches from cantor to Rabbi and presents an in depth teaching showing contemporary and practical relevance to the Biblical teachings of the week’s Torah portion.  Kiddush follows.

saturday night 


it all comes together 


Rabbi Intrator opens the evening with a meaningful candle-lit Havdalah service.  He shows how the separation between Shabbat and the rest of the week are part of the great whole in G-d’s creation.  Heartwarming Chasidic stories reflecting profound insight into human character are told with simplicity and charm, and then analyzed from a perspective of everyday application for today’s busy lifestyle.  Live music and dancing follow.    

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Rabbi Sam is available for the following: Baby Namings, Brit Milahs, Weddings, Bat/Bar Mitzvah's, Teaching Workshops, Jewish Holidays, High Holiday Services, Panel Discussions, Shabbat Programs, and Speaking Engagements in your Community, Synagogue, Day School,  Business, or University Campus.  


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